Israeli Warplanes Launch Series of Airstrikes in Gaza, Injure Many

obama-israel-fire_2517548bGAZA, June 19, 2014 – (WAFA) – Israeli warplanes launched Thursday morning a series of airstrikes targeting several locations across the Gaza Strip, causing injuries and damage to residents’ properties, according to WAFA correspondent.

Sounds of large explosions were heard throughout the Gaza Strip as Israeli warplanes targeted several locations and targets, causing extensive property damage and injuries and spreading panic among Palestinian civilians.

Israeli airstrikes targeted a location near Tunis school in Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, located to the southeast of Gaza, and Abu Jarad site, located near former Netzarim settlement respectively. They also targeted al-Maqousi residential towers, located to the northwest of Gaza, and another site located near the power plant, causing excessive damage to nearby homes and fires to break out at Abu Jarad site.

Another airstrike targeted Sheikh Zayed Towers in Beit Lahia in northern strip; a Palestinian was hit and moderately injured by missile shrapnel and was rushed into Kamal ‘Adwan hospital.

Israeli F-16 and Apache warplanes and surveillance drones continued to hover at low altitudes in Gaza skies.



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