Takfiris aim for Baghdad and the holy city of Karbala – March of the thousands begin

karOn the wake of devastating attacks against the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit, ISIS spokesman Abu Mohammed al-Adnani purportedly warned in an audio recording posted early Thursday on the group’s media website that all ISIS troops posted in Iraq would now descend upon Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf, which cities are located in Shia Islam’s Iraqi stronghold.

He prophesied, “It will rage in Baghdad, Karbala and Najaf. So be ready for it. Do not concede territory gained to the Shia unless they walk over your dead bodies to retrieve it. March towards Baghdad. The Shia are a disgraced people. God forbid that they become victorious over you. How can they when they are polytheists? Don’t stop until you reach Baghdad and  Karbala. Be prepared! Iraq will transform into a living hell for the Shia and other heretic.”

Talking to Prime Minister Maliki Adnani : “Your people could have reigned supreme over Iraq but you made them lose that opportunity. Even the Shia will curse you now. We will settle our differences not in Samarra or Baghdad but in Kerbala, the filth-ridden city, and in Najaf, the city of polytheists. We shall fight them until they accept the truth. Our aqeedah is saheeh, and Allaah gave us help and victory. and he raised our iman [faith]… the armies and sons of the Islamic State have given their lives for the sake of Allah and His Messenger”
And they’re not afraid of the cuts from the enemy, nor do their jails change them. And they’re not afraid of the fighting and they have been patient due to hunger and they were strong and they were patient in the jails, in the homes under the ground (prisons, in the desert, mountains valleys, years of patience untill Allah granted us this victory.

Dawlah is victorious because it’s build on sincere body parts and sprinkled with the pure blood off the shuhada, like the former amir Abu Omar has stated.Allaah granted us victory because we are not based on Haram or a wrong manhaj. The previous leaders and creators from Dawlah were sincere and well known for their goodness. Allah granted victory to Dawlah because it’s well known for its unity in the ranks. Allah grants victory to Dawlah because they are winning from Kufr. Dawlah is victorious because they were unjust to her, the prisoners were begging them for help, the orphans were screaming towards them and because the kuffar [infidels]gathered around them and all of them wanted to destroy Dawlah.

Oh helpers from Dawlah, wherever you are, know that this victory is only from Allah and it doesn’t come from your Dawlah, or your support. Always think about your weaknesses. You can’t change a situation without the power and might Off Allah.

And be humble to Allah and never haughty to his creation. Beware that you won’t praise yourself and show off, because this destroyed the former nations. Don’t be surprised and overwhelmed. Thank and think off Allah as much as you can and thank Allah for all the victories.

Oh soldiers off Dawlah, be kind to the Sunni Iraqi nation… Allowing 1000 kuffar [infidels] escape through a mistake is dearer to us than killing one Muslim so be careful and gentle.
“Get ready oh mujahiddeen and hold on to your pride and fury until we reach Baghdad and Karbala to prepare for our huge battle against the polytheistic Shia.

Through this way I want to announce that Adnaan Ismail Abu Abderrahman al-Biljawie al-Anbarie became a shaheed [martyrs] inshaAllah [By the grace of God].

This excerpt captures perfectly the true nature of ISIS’s mission, or rather its crusade against Shia Islam.

One cannot help but think back two centuries, in 1802 when the Wahhabis raided Karbala, killing and maiming all who stood in their way – women, children, the elderly – for the sake of imposing their interpretation of Islam and wash the earth from the heresy which they claim is Shia Islam. 4000 people were slaughtered during the raid, a history and a memory which Iraqis have no intention in seeing repeated.

When Iran warned earlier this year that Saudi Arabia’ sponsoring of terror, its keenness to see Islamists armed, on allegations that Syrian President Bashar Al Assad posed a greater threat to the region than Takfiris could ever do, could act a catalyst for Takfiris and set the ground for a perfect terror storm, it was right.

Today we are witnessing first-hand the result of western powers irresponsible policies in the Middle East. The idea that one could safely arm so-called Islamic moderates while at the same time contain and compartmentalize such military support to prevent radicals from obtaining high tech weaponry was not only irrational but completely delusional and unrealistic.

To think that Iraqi soldiers ran before ISIS militants without even putting up a fight, such was their fear, one should pause and re-evaluate. It was not a case of cowardice; Iraq military has nothing to prove when it comes to resolve and bravery. And yet the military ran before ISIS as they would before an unstoppable storm. Such is the threat which ISIS poses. Such is the threat which Islamic radicalism poses.

Rallying the troops

As Iraqis are grasping the sheer magnitude of ISIS’ advances against the central government and the military, politicians, tribal leaders and religious figures have been keen to call on their supporters to mobilize and join Iraq’s war efforts against terror.

Iraq’s most senior Shia cleric has issued a call to arms after Sunni-led insurgents seized more towns. The representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani called on all men to stand their ground and oppose ISIS to whatever cost.

In a rare intervention at Friday prayers in the holy city of Karbala, a message from Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani said “people should unite to fight back against a lightning advance by militants from the radical Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria.”

Such statement came as clashes broke out in the Diyala province between Sunni insurgents and Shia militias in the city of Udhaim, 90Km away from Baghdad and the city of Muqdadiya, located only 80 km northeast of the capital.

Led by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), the Sunni insurgents have threatened to push towards the capital and other regions dominated by Iraq’s Shia Muslim majority, whom they regard as “infidels”.

While Washington ponders over whether materializing its promises of help with actual military support, Iran has wasted no time, acutely aware of the regional stakes.

Two Guards’ units, dispatched from Iran’s western border provinces on Wednesday, were tasked with protecting Baghdad and the holy Shia cities of Karbala and Najaf, security sources in Baghdad confirmed under cover of anonymity as they were not allowed to speak to the media.

According to the Washington Post, the two IRGC battalions that moved to Iraq on Wednesday were shifted from the Iranian border provinces of Urumieh and Lorestan.

It is important to note that Iran Revolutionary Guards units that serve in Iran’s border provinces are the most experienced fighters in guerrilla warfare.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cut short a religious celebration on Thursday to tell reporters he had to attend an emergency meeting of the country’s National Security Council about events in Iraq.

He said, “We, as the Islamic Republic of Iran, won’t tolerate this violence and terrorism…. We will fight and battle violence and extremism and terrorism in the region and the world.”

Moreover, as per noted by several Iranian media, Iran’s chief of police, Esmail Ahmadi-Moghaddam stressed the National Security Council would consider intervening in Iraq to “protect Shia shrines and cities.”

In his sermon at Friday prayers in Karbala, Sheikh Abdulmehdi al-Karbalai said: “Citizens who are able to bear arms and fight terrorists, defending their country and their people and their holy places, should volunteer and join the security forces to achieve this holy purpose.”

Speaking from Karbala by phone, Marwa Abbas an independent journalist confirmed that hundreds of men if not thousands had already volunteered to fight, so keen they were to defend and protect the holy city.

“There is no doubt in people’s mind we will not allow Sunni radicals to defile Imam Hussein shrines. This land of ours is sacred, sacred blood has been spilled here by our beloved Imam and his family and like him we will stand before injustice and tyranny until our last breath,”Marwa said.

Feelings are running high in Karbala as residents are preparing to suffer the onslaught of ISIS.

While ISIS men march toward Baghdad and Karbala, Shia Islam has its sight locked on Iraq. But if today ISIS’ storm has gathered above the skies of Iraq, one need to ask where next such plague will migrate to.

By indulging in its promotion of Islamic terrorism, Saudi Arabia has manufactured a modern plague, a cancer which threatens to lay waste the entire MENA region as undoubtedly the fire of war will set the region ablaze, wiping out institutions and borders as it bulldozers its way through.

Iraq is where it started, not where it will end.



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