Al Wefaq: ruling to uphold dissolution of Scholars Council within sectarian persecution

alwefaqBahraini appeals court has upheld today the oppressive official decision to dissolve the Islamic Council of Scholars, the highest religious establishment for Shia Muslims in Bahrain. The ruling reflects the systematic religious persecution that is practiced by the Bahraini Authority against its people.

Al Wefaq National Islamic Society considered the ruling an official declaration of war and religious persecution and which the Authority tries to wrap up in law. This reveals that all the regime’s institutions act in line with its tyrannical policy and methodology.

The court’s ruling is an attempt to abolish the existence of a main community in the country. Indeed, it represents a vivid example of Bahrain’s ‘travesty of justice’ as international human rights organizations put it.

The Islamic Council of Scholars has made significant humanitarian, religious and national contributions to spread awareness in the society. The Council should be honored and praised. The dissolution of the Council is a crime against a wide faction of Bahraini citizens.

The ruling comes just two days after the United Nations Secretary-General received a petition signed by 282 Bahraini scholars about the dissolution of the Council. This makes very clear that the Bahraini Authority is turning its back on the UN bodies.

The ruling reveals the regime’s incapability to coexist with the people by approving this crime against humanity. It also comes in line with its violations by demolishing 38 mosques and banning the reconstruction of some and tightening restriction on religious rituals and freedom.


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