Reclaiming fatherhood – an activist’s quest for vindication

keSuppressing political dissent has taken a new and odious dimension in the western world, the abduction of children.

Edward Snowden was made famous for unveiling and revealing some of the United States of America’s dirtiest secrets back in 2013, essentially exposing to the world the extent to which the National Security Agency (NSA) had covertly and illegally spied on individuals and organizations as part of its global surveillance network.  But it must not be forgotten many before him have risked everything in their quest for a fairer world.

Labeled a traitor by his fellow nationals, it is important to remember that Snowden, like so many before him, has only ever sought to give the people an insight into the system which they chose to blindly trust and follow. In a world where appearances are often more valuable than realities, where lies have been hailed over truth for they are far more seductive than blinding honesty, too often has modern society been taught to favor secrets over transparency.

In 2009, Kevin Galalae dared to speak against the British Educational Establishment and its collaboration with the global surveillance apparatus post 9/11.  A son of a physician and political activist from Romania, Galalae immigrated to Germany and then Canada as a teenager back in 1985.  Hardened by years under the brutal and unforgiving regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu, Galalae understood early on that truth would be his life’s work. Animated by a deep sense of social responsibility, an understanding that for anyone to stand tall, one has to oppose any form of oppression and repression, Kevin’s passion would come to cost him his heart – his children.

A life comes undone

An academic, Galalae enrolled at prestigious Oxford University for a summer course in political philosophy and in the fall of the same year at Leicester University for a Master’s degree in International Relations and Global Order.  It is then that he stumbled across an intricate state-sponsored covert surveillance and censorship program (SAC) that embeds censors in critical courses to control the intellectual discourse in line with the dictates of CONTEST; The United Kingdom’s Strategy for Countering International Terrorism.  Their role is to “gather information on every student, test the students’ allegiance to the system, assist the course tutors in deflecting and diverting the discussions away from subjects the government deems taboo or when the opinions expressed by students run counter to Britain’s foreign or domestic policies, bully and coerce students into toeing the politically correct line, manufacture consent and, should that fail, provoke students to commit netiquette breaches or simply create an environment so harassing as to cause targeted students to quit their studies of their own accord. The overall effect is to brainwash the young and the impressionable to hold skewed and hypocritical views in line with the British Government’s foreign and domestic policy objectives.”

Determined to honor his parents’ sacrifices, who left behind their careers and property in Romania to raise their children in freedom in the West, Galalae exposed the British government’s systematic violations of expressional rights and education law, both of which stand in complete contradiction to democratic principles and international covenants.  He accomplished this by publishing The Great Secret: Surveillance and Censorship in Britain and the EU, then launching legal action against the UK at the European Court of Human Rights and by going on hunger strike in April 2011 in Strasbourg, France, to compel the Council of Europe to condemn the UK for its egregious infringements of fundamental rights, which Galalae documents in his book Hunger Strike: Defending Freedom of Speech, Thought and Conscience in Education.

While Galalae hungered in Europe for students’ fundamental rights and appealed to Human Rights Commissioner Thomas Hammarberg with weekly letters that exposed the extent of SAC and its support at the EU level, the Canadian authorities back home planned his demise and coopted his wife, the local police, and the medical staff to make false depositions, alter his medical record, and falsify police occurrence reports in order to manufacture grounds for his arrest.  The full force of the state was set in motion to create a nightmare of Kafkaesque proportions as soon as Galalae sets foot on Canadian soil.

During his absence, Galalae’s wife was forced to declare that her husband is schizophrenic and that he abandoned the family and emptied the family’s bank accounts to protest in Europe against a program that exists only in his imagination.  She was also instructed to lure her husband back to Canada prematurely on the excuse that she needs him urgently, but just before his arrival to leave the family home, take the children with her and deny her husband access to the children until such time as he can be arrested.  The local police was then coached to arrest Galalae two days after his return home and force him into an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric assessment because he espouses “bizarre ideologies”, is incapable of taking care of himself and “poses a threat to his wife and children”.   The medical staff was made to falsify Galalae’s medical record and two months later to issue a false diagnosis, namely that he suffers from “delusional disorder.”

All this was made to trap and silence Galalae. Bound by fear, his wife and lawyer gave in to pressure and in turn agreed to work toward Galalae’ s legal, financial, professional and social demise. All of the above and far more is documented in Galalae’s application to the UN Human Rights Council.  While Galalae was able on several distinct occasions to attest of his sanity, the authorities nevertheless denied him his most basic rights, intent on silencing a disturbing truth.

Following a self-imposed exile in the US of ten months, Galalae decided to return home to stand for justice. Upon his return he was promptly arrested, held in pre-trial detention for nine months, denied a lawyer, denied access to the International Red Cross during his 75-day hunger strike while in jail, denied access to the evidence against him, and subjected to intense and relentless psychological pressure by a team of undercover cops in a futile attempt to force Galalae to abandon his human rights work.  Since all 21 charges against Galalae were fabricated the Crown dropped all charges on the day before trial after having held Galalae without cause for nine months.


It is because Galalae refused to succumb to external pressure that his government and that of Britain have been relentless in their attack, determined to obliterate his reputation, annihilate his finances and take away his beloved children – Benjamin and Oliver.  For upon his release from jail, Galalae was informed that a family court had issued a 10-year restraining order so that Galalae could not even be able to see let alone be reunited with his children.  This restraining order, as every other act committed against Galalae, is completely illegal since he was not invited to court to present his case, he was not informed about the decision until the six month deadline for appeal expired, and no reason was given why Galalae should be prohibited from seeing his children.

Speaking of his ordeal in 2011, Kevin wrote the following, “Angered by my persistence and success exposing and shutting down a British covert program of surveillance and censorship of universities and by my refusal to surrender to the current narrow-minded policies and obsolete world view, a few influential individuals in Kingston, Canada, took it upon themselves to destroy me.” 

More recently, and with the benefit of hindsight, Galalae now possesses circumstantial evidence “that the Kingston authorities received full support from Ottawa and London and the tacit approval of the United Nations, which is the agency responsible for approving and overseeing programs like SAC.” 

An appeal issued by SOS Rassismus Deutsch-Schweiz, a Swiss NGO based in Geneva and linked to the UN Human Rights Commission, acknowledges Galalae’s mistreatment by Canada and Britain, who share the same head of state, as the most blatant example of structural violence in the western world today.  Investigative reporter Janet Phelan has studies Galalae’s legal file and found a highly suspicious “dissonance in court records” among other serious violations, which she briefly outlines in her article Find Them and Destroy Them: Canadian Writer Subjected to Multiple Arrests.  Phelan also documents a new attempt by the Canadian authorities to use Galalae’s wife to manufacture grounds for a new arrest.

Bearing in mind that Britain and Canada have stood before the UN Security Council countless times to denounce foreign regimes’ infringements against international law and human rights so as to promote its own interests, one can appreciate not only the sheer irony of Galalae’s predicament but the depth of western powers hypocrisy.  By such double standards Canada and the UK have lost all credibility in their accusations against foreign regimes, as was recently the case when North Korea and Iran have turned the tables at the UN.

Because of his work Galalae has been barred from his children’s lives, branded a nefarious influence, an unstable and dangerous force for his family. Ever since his return from Europe, he has been persecuted by his government on such a scale and with such systematic malice that one cannot help but empathize with his suffering.

Unlawfully imprisoned, denied his right to self-defense, intimidated and coerced by the legal system into confessing to false charges against him, professionally and financially bankrupt, Kevin was all but ruined by Canada’s judicial system.

In agony over the separation with his children, Kevin sought vindication.

Call for solidarity

At the end of his tether, Kevin has turned to the Muslim Ummah for help as he continues to face the darkness alone, when all along he aimed to stand for all people.

In an exclusive comment for Middle East Uncovered, Galalae noted thatBritain’s strategy for combatting terrorism and radicalization “was designed to incite Christians against Muslims, wives against husbands, and even Muslims against Muslims.  That it has succeeded shows the frailty of human nature.  It also shows that the age-old strategy of divide and conquer works now as well as it has worked in past centuries”. 

Due to the media’s failure to answer Galalae’s insistent calls to publish the truth with respect to covert censorship and surveillance, few Europeans know that the British Government has retired the Prevent strand of its anti-terrorism strategy, which sought to preempt the radicalization of youth but instead turned into a vendetta against all Muslims and annihilated their right to free speech, because of the personal sacrifices Galalae has made and his immovable resolve.  Few Europeans know that it is Galalae who also saved Europe’s universities from being forced to adopt SAC as part of the secret agreements reached by the Stockholm Programme, which harmonizes security cooperation across the EU.

“Muslims in the UK and throughout Europe have their expressional rights back because of me, because I stood up for them when no one else would, but I don’t have my children back.  Three years later, the Canadian authorities are still using my innocent children as leverage over me by denying me my parental rights and denying my children the love and protection of their father.

Not a single Muslim organization, either in the West or in the Ummah, has issued a statement in my support.  Scores of them however have lamented the loss of funding through the Prevent arm of CONTEST, which I shut down and that provided them with public funds to spy and tell on their own people.  Neither the people – be they Christians or Muslims – nor our governments have learned anything from history.” 

Despite the terrible structural violence he has been subjected to and the lack of support he has received from civil society, Galalae has continue to stand for truth and has pushed further and deeper than any other human rights activist in the world.  In 2012, he exposed the Global Depopulation Policy and showed how the regime of surveillance and censorship in academia is merely an offshoot of the greater depopulation and globalization agenda.  He has received recognition for this work from diplomats and policy makers who have recently published Galalae’s revelatory and groundbreaking articles in the prestigious magazine Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs.

But Galalae does not feel vindicated, not as long as the government of Canada uses all means at its disposal to keep him apart from his children.  More than anything, Galalae is aggrieved by his wife’s behavior.  He stated:

“I keep hoping against all hope that my wife’s love for our children, if not for me, will prove stronger than her prejudices towards Muslims.  So far, neither my hopes nor my prayers have been answered.” 

Given his family’s history of dissent and his father’s experience, which he discussed in an interview in 2012 with Deborah Dupre of The Examiner, Galalae is not at all surprised at the readiness with which good people abandon their ethical and moral codes to serve those in power or to satisfy their own prejudices.

“The entire Canadian judiciary, press and civil society, as well as the people of Kingston, Ontario, have allowed their ugly prejudices to cloud their judgments and bring to the fore the worse in human nature.  To satisfy their base instincts and festering prejudices they have crucified me and my children with the same disdain for what is right and decent as the Pharisees have shown Jesus two thousand years ago. 

In a twist of fate that only life can provide, God has already punished them as they deserve to be punished; for God has given me the strength and wits to unravel and expose the Global Depopulation Policy and to show that the covert program of surveillance and censorship for which they attacked me is but an offshoot of the greater depopulation agenda.  Now they understand that by attacking me they did the bidding of the very people who are harming them and their children and who used their prejudices to manipulate them into acting against their own children’s best interests.”

Since few among us can claim to have escaped the insidious manipulations on which the current international order is based, the time has come to stand united against tyranny by exposing to the world the lies and deceit upon which western powers continue to assert hegemony.  If Kevin could not alone defeat injustice, as a community we at least ought to lend our voice to his.

He needs us now more than ever since he has just announced that he is flying to Europe to engage in a hunger strike in Rome, at the Vatican’s doors, to compel Pope Francis to speak against the Global Depopulation Policy.

After Rome, he is headed for Geneva, to hunger strike at the headquarters of the World Health Organization (WHO), which he has identified as the UN agency most crucial to the ongoing genocide.

We could afford to stay silent when we thought that only our expressional rights were at stake.  Galalae has shown us that our very survival is now on the line and that we remain silent at the cost of our children’s lives.




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